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Dependency vulnerability checks with SonarQube

With recent vulnerabilities like Log4Shell and SpringShell, we're reminded of the importance of updating your dependencies. In this tutorial I'll show you how OWASP and SonarQube can help you with that.

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Cheating at online games with JavaScript

Online games are fun to play, cheating at them with JavaScript is even more fun.

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Using Gatsby with WordPress as a headless CMS

If you want to use WordPress as a headless CMS with Gatsby, I'll demonstrate how you can achieve this in this tutorial.

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Using Apollo GraphQL with Vue

GraphQL is a new way to write your APIs, and with Apollo you can easily integrate it within your Vue.js applications. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can make queries and mutations within your Vue components.

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Routing with Vue

An advantage of Vue is that many additional modules are officially developed, such as state management with vuex and routing with the vue-router. In this tutorial I'll take a look at the Vue router.

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Getting started with Vue and AT UI

Vue is a progressive web framework, similar to Angular, React and others. In this tutorial I'll set up a simple Vue.js application using Vue CLI and AT UI. I'll also explore some basic concepts suchs as properties, certain directives, computed properties and so on.

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E2E testing with Nightwatch.js

Today I'm also going to test an AngularJS application, but this time I will be using Nightwatch.js. While Nightwatch.js is not made specifically for AngularJS applications, you can use this framework as well.

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AngularJS $http and dates

while Date objects are a part of the standard JavaScript specs, it's not a part of the JSON spec. In this tutorial we'll explain how to properly consume dates from your REST API with AngularJS.

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E2E testing AngularJS applications with Protractor

In this tutorial we'll go into detail about end to end testing (E2E) with AngularJS and Protractor

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Using Sinon.js while testing AngularJS applications

With Sinon.js you can easily set up stubs and spies. This can be a real benefit when testing AngularJS apps because of all the different components.