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More fun with AngularJS $http: a loading indicator

Ever wanted to create a "Loading, please wait..." indicator when your data is loading over your REST service? With $http you can easily set something up like this, without having to create a lot of overhead in your controllers.

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AngularJS $http and dates

while Date objects are a part of the standard JavaScript specs, it's not a part of the JSON spec. In this tutorial we'll explain how to properly consume dates from your REST API with AngularJS.

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E2E testing AngularJS applications with Protractor

In this tutorial we'll go into detail about end to end testing (E2E) with AngularJS and Protractor

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Using Sinon.js while testing AngularJS applications

With Sinon.js you can easily set up stubs and spies. This can be a real benefit when testing AngularJS apps because of all the different components.

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Setting up AngularJS applications with Yeoman

In this article I will write a small AngularJS application and use Yeoman to set it all up.

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Executing Jasmine tests with Maven

In modern webapps, you will be using more than just Java. You will write JavaScript code too. With Maven + Jasmine you can test your JavaScript code.

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Rapid prototyping with Spring Boot and AngularJS

When people say "Java" they usually think "slow". However, with Spring Boot and AngularJS you can create prototypes really fast.

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Building modern webapps using Spring Data REST and AngularJS

In this example I will setup a web project using Spring Data REST. The client-side of the application will be written using AngularJS.

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How to drink gulp.js

Gulp is the new build system for your webapps. It's powered by streams which makes it fast. In this article I will use it to build my Angular app.

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Using WebSockets with Spring, AngularJS and SockJS

This tutorial explains how to write a small chat application using WebSockets with the Spring framework, AngularJS and SockJS.