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Writing dynamic queries with Spring Data JPA

With Spring Data, we can easily write queries usinng @Query. For more dynamic queries, we can use the Example and Specification API, which we'll explore here.

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Loading initial data with Spring

With Spring, you can set up your initial data in different ways. In this tutorial we'll discover database migration tools, and other options.

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Working with Spring Data Solr repositories

Spring Data is the go-to framework when using datasources with Spring, regardless of whether they're relational or non-relational databases. With Spring Data Solr, we can also consume documents from Apache Solr, a document based database.

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JPA made easy with Spring data's repositories

With Spring Data it's very easy to create a simple CRUD application without the hassle of creating your own DAO's. Spring Boot makes it even easier for you.

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Building modern webapps using Spring Data REST and AngularJS

In this example I will setup a web project using Spring Data REST. The client-side of the application will be written using AngularJS.