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Adding reading time with Gatsby

Popular online blogging platforms like Medium add an estimated reading time to each post. In this tutorial we'll achieve the same thing by using Gatsby.

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Working with Gatsby and pagination

Gatsby is an awesome static site generator, and in this tutorial I'll look at how to implement pagination using Gatsby.

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Creating pages with Gatsby

Gatsby has a large set of APIs, and one of them is to programmatically create new pages. In this tutorial we'll use this API to create detail pages for each blogpost.

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Difference between Mono and Flux

Project Reactor introduced us two specific types of publishers, being Mono and Flux. In this tutorial we'll see what they mean and what we can use them for.

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Using Gatsby with WordPress as a headless CMS

If you want to use WordPress as a headless CMS with Gatsby, I'll demonstrate how you can achieve this in this tutorial.

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Writing dynamic queries with Spring Data JPA

With Spring Data, we can easily write queries usinng @Query. For more dynamic queries, we can use the Example and Specification API, which we'll explore here.

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Loading initial data with Spring

With Spring, you can set up your initial data in different ways. In this tutorial we'll discover database migration tools, and other options.

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Distributed tracing with Istio and Jaeger

So far, we've already explored some of the elements Istio provides, such as visualizing our service mesh with Kiali, and monitoring our application metrics with Prometheus and Grafana. In this tutorial, we'll see how we can use Jaeger with Istio.

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Collecting application metrics with Istio

Istio comes with Prometheus and Grafana out of the box. In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how you can set up your pods to be scraped by Istio's monitoring.

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Reactive streams over the network with RSocket

With RSocket, we can reactively stream our data over the network. In this example I'll demonstrate how RSocket can be used with Spring boot.