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Building a Pokédex with Astro

Astro is a relatively new static-site generator and server-side rendering framework for JavaScript. In this tutorial I'll build a Pokédex with Astro and the PokéAPI

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Cheating at online games with JavaScript

Online games are fun to play, cheating at them with JavaScript is even more fun.

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Form validation using React hooks

In this tutorial I'll show you how you can make a generic React hook to handle form validation.

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Generating social cards with Gatsby

I always wanted some cool looking social cards, and in this tutorial I'll cover how you can automatically generate them for your posts with Gatsby."

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Creating your own nodes with Gatsby

So far, we’ve seen how to use WordPress, Craft CMS and JSON data with Gatsby, but what if you want to use other data with Gatsby, which isn…

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Working with Gatsby and Craft CMS

In this tutorial I'll build a blazing-fast static website with Gatsby on top of a Craft CMS blog.

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Using JSON with Gatsby

Earlier, we've seen how we can use the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin to retrieve blog posts using the WordPress API. In this tutorial, we'll explore another possible source of information that Gatsby can use, such as JSON.

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Writing your own Gatsby plugin

So far, I've written several tutorials about using Gatsby. What they have in common, is that they all depend on certain Gatsby plugins. In this tutorial, I'll explore the options you have when creating your own Gatsby plugin.

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Adding syntax highlighting with WordPress and Gatsby

For Markdown, there are plugins to add syntax highlighting to your Gatsbby website. In this tutorial we'll explore the alternatives for adding syntax highlighting through WordPress.

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Optimize loading images with WordPress and Gatsby

Displaying embedded images within WordPress posts using Gatsby is officially unsupported, but in this tutorial we'll explore alternatives.