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Testing modern web applications

There are a lot of aspects that have to be covered while testing modern web applications. In this tutorial series I would like to talk about these aspects.

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Testing your Spring Boot application with Selenium

Functional testing never has been easier with Spring Boot and FluentLenium, a wrapper framework for Selenium, using a fluent API.

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Testing your Spring Data JPA repository

Spring Data allows you to create repositories by writing a simple interface. In this article I'll write some integration tests for a repository using DBUnit

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Executing Jasmine tests with Maven

In modern webapps, you will be using more than just Java. You will write JavaScript code too. With Maven + Jasmine you can test your JavaScript code.

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Unit testing with Mockito and AssertJ

Unit testing is a very important part in development. In this example I show you how easy it is, using Mockito and AssertJ.

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Easy integration testing with Spring Boot and REST-Assured

Spring boot allows you to easily write an application, but it also provides the tools to run the application for using in integration tests.

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Making your AngularJS application grunt

Running tests, minifying files, ... these are two of the many tasks you canfigure by using the Grunt task runner for your JavaScript application.

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Jasminify your Angular app

Wrote an app using AngularJS? Great! Now it's time to use the angular-mock framework and Jasmine to test your controllers, services, filters and directives.