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Testing code using Spring's WebClient

Since Spring 5, RestTemplate went into maintenance mode and WebClient became the way to go. In this tutorial I'll show how you can write tests for code using WebClient.

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Difference between Mono and Flux

Project Reactor introduced us two specific types of publishers, being Mono and Flux. In this tutorial we'll see what they mean and what we can use them for.

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Reactive streams over the network with RSocket

With RSocket, we can reactively stream our data over the network. In this example I'll demonstrate how RSocket can be used with Spring boot.

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Reactive relational databases with R2DBC and Spring

With Spring boot's experimental starter for R2DBC, we can now reactively connect to our relational databases, and in this example we'll see how.

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Getting started with Spring boot 2.0

Explore the new reactive features of Spring boot 2.0 and Spring 5 with me by writing a web crawler using Webflux and reactive MongoDB.