Your privacy matters

You probably are aware that there is a lot of controversy on the world wide web nowadays regarding privacy. Websites appear to track you in various ways, and it’s as if most organizations don’t even care about your privacy.

Generally, we try to keep privacy in mind when changing features on this website. On this page you’ll find detailed (and sometimes technical) information about what’s being tracked and how.

So… what data do you collect?

We’ve prevented people from signing up for this website, got rid of any ad revenue, and disabled social sharing buttons and Disqus to keep the amount of data that’s being collected to a minimum.

We are using two third party services that do collect information though, being Cloudflare Insights and Google Fonts.

Cloudflare Insights collects information about the requests that are being send, such as:

Additionally, we’re making use of Google Fonts, which collects a limited amount of information, such as the amount of times a font is used.

Why do you collect that information?

We’re using Cloudflare Insights so that we can determine which tutorials and technologies are considered popular, and which aren’t. This allows us to focus on technologies that are interesting, rather than spending it on tutorials that aren’t interesting.

Additionally it allows us to keep track about what type of device is being used to visit this website. If more people use mobile devices, we might need to do more to make this website mobile-friendly.

On the other hand, we use Google Fonts to optimize this website. Google Fonts allows us to create a more unique look-and-feel, without suffering from performance-issues due to additional load times.

I don’t want to be tracked, what now?

There are browser extensions that do help you with this though, such as Privacy Badger or a typical content filter extension, such as an Ad Blocker or uBlock Origin.