If you look at the tutorials written before 2014, you will notice that they’re written in another language, Dutch. This language move was necessary to keep this blog alive, and actually, it worked really well. According to Google Analytics there are 5x as many visitors as there were before.

So, what does this exactly mean? All old tutorials will still be kept in Dutch. I’m not planning to translate all of them nor remove them as they might have some use for certain people. However, tutorials that are being requested to be translated will be translated (eventually). For example, I recently translated most of my Dojo tutorials by request.

2014: The year of JavaScript

If I’m looking at the most visited articles and my own interests, then most of the tutorials in 2014 will continue talking about JavaScript. The last two months I added several tutorials already about AngularJS, Meteor and Ember.js. And since that time I’m noticing quite a lot more traffic on my website:


And I’m also noticing an increase in followers on Twitter:


So yes, you can expect much more of this kind of tutorials in the future. If you’re interested in anything specific, don’t be afraid to ask me. There’s a comment section below each post of me and I often read those. I’m pretty open minded, so if it’s interesting, I might blog about it. There is only one exception here and that is the Dojo toolkit. I think I posted a pretty big amount of tutorials about the Dojo Toolkit in the past year, and I don’t really know anything interesting to post about it either. Another reason is that all of these tutorials get really low activity.

2014: Fresh design

It might be me, but I like changing the look of my website design every year. I recently finished tweaking my WordPress theme a bit, reducing the color palette (there were too many colors) and improving the user experience a bit. One of the adjustments is that each article is now using a lightbox plugin, making it easier to view the full sized images. However, through the years WordPress changed the generated code for images a bit, so it might not work everywhere. Please report it if you notice it’s not working well.